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What is Clipsey?

Clipsey is the easiest to use Twitch clip downloader site out there! Just copy and paste the Twitch clip URL that you want to save into the text box above and hit the 'Download Clip' button. We'll grab the clip's video file and make it available for you to download. It's that easy!

Is Clipsey free to use?

Yes! Clipsey is absolutely free to use. We plan to introduce some non-intrusive ads soon to help offset the cost of maintaining the site.

Help! It isn't working?

The most common reason the downloader doesn't work is usually due to using the wrong type of URL in the text box. Clipsey supports two types of URLs:

1. Clip URLs from the clip tab of the streamer's page (example:

2. Clip URLs from subdomain (example:

If you are still getting errors, there might be an issue with your internet connection. You should also try disabling third-party script blockers or ad blockers as that might interfere with the way Clipsey gets the clip download link for you.

Is there a Clipsey Chrome extension?

We've received a lot of requests for this, and we hear you! We are currently working on one and will be releasing it shortly. Here's how it will work: When you are on Twitch on a page with a clip, just click on the extension button on your task bar. It will then give you the clip's video download link so you can save it to your computer.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming video platform that launched in 2011. It ranks in the top 30 of the world's most popular websites. Twitch currently has over 2.2 million broadcasters monthly, 15 million daily active users, and an average of 1 million concurrent users.

Streamers (the term for broadcasters on Twitch) typically stream live gameplay of video games, but the site has also branched out to include other categories such as real life activities, creative arts, programming, music, talk shows, and live events.